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Oster Mini Jar 500 ml Accessory BLSTMJ-500-011

Making your own seasonings, refrigerating compotes or storing your dry ingredients are some of the things you can do with Oster® mini glasses

Success is put together like a puzzle, and all the pieces count. The Oster® brand has created a complete line of accessories so that its blenders can be transformed into other household appliances with which they can maximize their use in the most diverse recipes. Optimize the preparation of your food at home, with the new Oster® accessory system. Compatible with almost all Oster® blenders, except Oster® Xpert Series ™, ActiveSense ™ lines of blenders, and models code BLSTPYG.

  • 500 ml capacity mini pitcher with Tritan ™ technology provides all the benefits of glass in a strong, BPA-free plastic (bisphenol-A is a chemical commonly used to make polycarbonate plastics), which does not retain odors or stains
  • Stackable design for convenient space-saving storage
  • Allows you to grind spices and seasonings directly from the Oster® blender
  • Includes 2 mini jugs of 500 ml
SKU: BLSTMJ-500-011-1 Categories: , ,



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