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Oster Pressure Cooker (4,2 L – 7 L – 9 L) CKSTPC

Our Oster® Pressure Cooker has 5 safety systems for greater consumer reliability. It is made of durable and lightweight aluminum for efficient cooking.

Includes an airtight lid with a heavy, reinforced seal. Enjoy while you cook safely in our pressure cooker!

  • 4.2 liter, 7 liter and 9 liter capacity
  • Double handle for a more comfortable and safe handling
  • 2-in-1 system allows pressure release through steam outlet and internal safety lock
  • Valve that controls pressure by automatically releasing it and indicating operating condition
  • Includes: 2 additional safety valves
  • Auxiliary handle allows comfortable and safe handling
  • Made of durable and lightweight aluminum for efficient cooking
  • Includes an airtight lid with heavy and reinforced seal
SKU: CKSTPC-1 Categories: ,

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4.2 L: CKSTPC4690 2099251 7 L: CKSTPC4692 2099261 9 L: CKSTPC4693 2099262

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