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Oster Rapid Multi-Cooker 5.7 L (6 QT) CKSTPCEC57M

Practical and easy to use, this Oster® manual electric quick cooker is what you were looking for. With its adjustable timer knob, you can cook a variety of foods super fast. Its progress indicators communicate the process in which the cooking of your food is at all times, so you will have a delicious result. In addition, it has 10 security measures for a safe and unattended kitchen. Cooks up to 70% faster than traditional pressure cookers!

  • Manual operation
  • Double handles for a more comfortable and safe handling
  • The lid lock ensures that the pressure will not build up inside the cooker if the lid is not closed properly and is not sealed. Once internal pressure builds up, the lid cannot be opened.
  • Automatic pressure control ensures that the pressure inside the pot remains within the safe range. If the pressure inside the pot exceeds the maximum pressure while in use, the Multi-Cooker will automatically shut off
  • The Multi-Pot is equipped with a food shield that ensures that the air vent is not blocked by food, so steam can be released without problems
  • Automatic temperature control ensures that the temperature inside the pot remains within the safe range. If the cooker runs dry, the Multi-Cooker will turn off automatically. If the pot gets too hot, the Multi-Pot will stop heating until the temperature drops and then resume cooking.
  • At the end of the cook cycle, the lid cannot be opened until all pressure in the pot is released. This can be done using the natural pressure release method or the quick pressure release method.
  • The steam release valve has a tab designed to keep your hand away from the top of the valve. Always use a kitchen utensil to move this tab
  • Adjustable timer knob for versatility while cooking
  • Cable storage, keep you organized
  • Auxiliary handle that allows a comfortable and safe handling
  • Valve that controls pressure by automatically releasing it and indicating operating condition
  • Power: 1000W
  • Available in: 120V and 220V
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