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Oster Classic 3-Speed Blender BLST4128/BLST4655/BLST4126R

The classic Oster blender, reinvented and modernized. With 6 times more durable motor and 10 times stronger metal coupling.

  • Capacity for 1.25 L (5-cups)
  • 3-speed rotary control
  • Boroclass glass tumbler, more resistant to boiling ingredients: don’t wait for hot ingredients to cool down to use the blender.
  • 700W power motor: for a uniform and homogeneous blending.
  • All-Metal Drive Metal Coupling – For increased durability.
  • Revolutionary ice crusher blade.
  • Ergonomic controls.
  • Top quality finishes.

* Up to a thermal shock of 90ºC
** Tested with Oster 4566 model

SKU: BLST4128/BLST4655/BLST4126R-1 Categories: ,

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Bronce, Red, Silver


Bronce: BLST4128 120V 2114102 220V 2114103 Silver: BLST4655 120V 2114081 220V 2114082 Red: BLST4126R 120V 2113682 220V 2113683

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