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Oster Stick Mixer with Variable Speed FPSTHB2615W

Oster® immersion mixers allow you to prepare a variety of delicious drinks and recipes, such as soups, tomato puree, shakes, and more. In addition, it is ideal for mixing small amounts of ingredients, in the preparation of baby food, salad dressings, or a simple smoothie.

  • Ergonomic handle to follow the controno of the hand, so that it is easier to use
  • Variable speed control for added versatility when beating
  • Exclusive and Innovative blade design with stainless steel blade and shaft capable of crushing ice and blending harder ingredients
  • Includes practical accessories with dual-function lids, beaters and chopsticks, which allow you to prepare and store a wide variety of recipes
  • Turbo function for a more homogeneous mixture
  • Energy consumption: 3,138 Wh / Day
SKU: FPSTHB2615W-013-1 Categories: ,

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