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Oster Steam Iron Aeroceramic Technology GCSTAC6953

The new 6950 models of Oster® irons are designed for a person like you, meticulous, who focuses on details and takes care of delicate clothes. You are one of those who expect safe and effortless ironing, but with perfect results and proper care for your garments.

  • 3-position automatic shut-off, where the iron turns off automatically when it is idle 15 minutes brown, 30 seconds lying on its side and 30 seconds with the sole on the fabric
  • Outsole with patented aeroceramic technology that maximizes vapor distribution, offers 45% more coverage * and 40% better glide ** on garments, maximizing vapor distribution
  • For 127V models: ECO functions that guarantee maximum efficiency while minimizing energy consumption, 52% lower energy consumption ***
  • Vertical steam for steaming garments
  • High precision tip, allows you to reach difficult places such as cuffs, collars and close to buttons
  • Self-cleaning system for better performance and durability
  • Anti-calcification technology
  • Scratch resistant ceramic sole
  • 350° twist cord
  • 1600 watts 127V models
  • Effective and powerful steam blast of up to 100 grams per minute

* Vs Oster® 3801-02-03
** Glides up to 40% better compared to Oster® steam irons with non-stick type soleplates under the same conditions
*** Compared to maximum steam cycle

SKU: GCSTAC6953013-1 Categories: ,



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