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Oster Cord/Cordless Iron GCSTCC3000

The Oster® cordless cable iron gives you excellent ironing, with maximum comfort. No more cables cluttering your way.

You simply lift it off the base and you can iron freely in the direction you like. This iron also has functions that make ironing easier. Its ceramic base is made of an inorganic material that has the property of resistance to corrosion and abrasion, in addition to its high durability.

  • You can use the Oster® cordless iron with or without a cord, allowing you to decide how you want to iron
  • Cordless ironing offers maximum freedom of movement when ironing
  • Indicator light with various functions (applies only under cordless mode): red color indicates that the iron has cooled down and must be loaded on the base; the yellow light indicates that the iron is close to the desired temperature, and the green light indicates that the iron is ready to be used again
  • Ceramic coated sole that offers a better uniform heat distribution and optimal gliding which translates into a smooth, fast ironing and better protection for fabrics
  • Steam boost, variable steam and vertical steam features make it easy to remove stubborn wrinkles on all types of garments
  • Vertical steam allows you to use the iron on hanging garments, curtains or upholstery without having to use the ironing board
  • Fine spray button helps smooth out stubborn wrinkles
  • Fabric temperature control that heats the iron according to the type of fabric of the garment, which protects the fabric and saves time ironing
  • Intelligent three-position auto-off that automatically turns off the iron when it is not moving: 15 minutes standing, 30 seconds lying on the side and 30 seconds with the sole on the fabric, for greater safety and avoiding burns of the garments
  • Anti-drip system, prevents the spillage of water drops, so that garments do not get stained
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