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Black+Decker Belgian Style Rotary Waffle Maker WM1000B

Black + Decker Belgian Style Rotary Waffle Maker

  • Breakfast is better with some delicious Belgian Waffles that are very easy to prepare with the Black + Decker Rotating Waffle Maker.
  • 180°C rotating base for fast and even cooking
  • Temperature selector to prepare them soft or with the toast of your preference
  • Non-stick plates with 4 easy-to-clean divisions

Main Characteristics

Nothing better for breakfast than some Belgian Waffles with your favorite ingredients, they can be with chocolate, oatmeal if you are taking care of your figure or simply the traditional recipe with the Black + Decker Rotating Waffle Maker. Its 180°C rotation system helps ensure uniform cooking. They are ready in just minutes, their temperature control is ideal for preparing them with the level of toasting of your choice and the non-stick plates prevent them from sticking and facilitate cleaning. Its is ideal for storing anywhere in your kitchen.
SKU: WM1000B Categories: ,

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