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Oster Super Air Fryer 10 L CLSTAF0V3-013

With this super 10 liter air fryer you can fry your food using 99.5% less oil compared to other 4L deep fryers. Its digital panel makes it easy to use because it is automatic and programmable to control times and temperatures.

The super air fryer is your perfect ally for the kitchen, as it also bakes, roasts and dehydrates. In today’s hectic world, Oster® offers you the solution to prepare healthier and more delicious meals with the super air fryer. This model gives you the versatility of being able to cook fried foods with less oil and a variety of additional foods such as chicken, meat, vegetables and much more.

The way the super air fryer works is that the hot air circulates at a fast speed, distributing the heat evenly inside, without having to use more than a little oil so that the food does not stick, and remains delicious and crunchy.

  • Digital configuration with automatic and programmable options allows you to control times and temperature appropriately
  • Manual mode has the following cooking methods: air fry, bake or dehydrate, of which you manually set the temperature and cooking times
  • The automatic method has 4 preset functions with time and temperature for French fries, chicken wings, vegetables and steaks
  • Fry food with up to 99.5% less oil, compared to other 4-liter fryers
  • It has an extra large capacity of 10 liters, which allows you to prepare different foods for the whole family
    360 ° air circulation
  • Preserves the qualities of fresh food and maintains a large part of the nutritional value of fruits, vegetables, aromatic herbs, legumes, meat and fish
  • Removable door for easy cleaning
  • Includes 3 airflow grills (for grilling chicken, fish and meat, or dehydrating), 3.6-liter mesh basket (ideal for making fries, legumes and much more), rotisserie (potatoes, legumes), fork for the Rotisserie (for whole chickens, ribs, or steaks) and drip tray
  • The glass lid has an interior light that allows you to monitor the food during cooking without having to open it, avoiding the loss of heat and energy
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