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Oster Air Fryer 3,2 L CKSTAF7601

The Oster® Air Fryer uses up to 99.5% less oil compared to traditional fryers. The hot air circulates around the food, allowing cooking with a crunchy layer on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside. Our air fryers feature a natural Bioceramic ™ surface that helps cook up to 30% faster, is easy to clean, and lasts up to 8x longer than other surfaces.

  • Bioceramic® ceramic coating; 4 times more scratch resistant (compared to traditional coating)
  • Extra-large 3.2L capacity (compared to 4L fryers)
  • 30-minute timer with audible alert, variable temperature control up to 200 ° C or 400 ° F, and an audible alert that indicates when food is ready
  • Removable inner basket with easy-to-clean Bioceramic ™ ceramic coating
  • Handle safe to the touch
  • Uses up to 99.5% less oil
  • Extra large basket with 3.2 liters of capacity to prepare multiple servings of favorite foods and to cook for the whole family
  • Recommendation: Before using the basket for the first time, coat the surface with vegetable oil. Heat uncovered at a temperature of 150ºC, for 10 to 15 minutes. Turn off and let cool completely. Clean excess oil in hot water, without rubbing.
SKU: CKSTAF7601-013-1 Categories: ,

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