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Black+Decker Coffee Maker with Vortex Technology and Permanent Filter, 12 Cups CM0916B

BLACK+DECKER® Coffee Maker with Vortex Technology and Permanent Filter, 12 Cups

  • Brew delicious, intense coffee automatically with the BLACK+DECKER® 12-Cup Coffee Maker.
  • Vortex drip system for better straining and a more intense flavor
  • cast interruption device
  • permanent filter
  • Sturdy 12-cup glass carafe
  • Adjustable function to keep the coffee warm

Main Characteristics

There’s nothing like enjoying a rich coffee flavor, just the way you like it. With this 12-Cup Glass Jug Coffee Maker with the exclusive BLACK+DECKER® Vortex system, the swirling water flow gives delicious coffee with an unmatched flavor. The Brew Interruption device allows you to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee without having to wait for the brew cycle to finish and forget about spending on disposable filters since it has a permanent filter to take care of the environment. You can also drink the coffee without heating it since it has the function of keeping warm.
SKU: CM0916B Categories: ,

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