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Venancio Digitop Oven 10 Trays Gas FTDG10

• Model for 10 mats of 580 x 680 mm (optional mats);
• Oven door made of stainless steel, internally with 5 mm tempered glass, easy to remove, facilitating cleaning and maintenance;
• Door gasket made of silicone rubber resistant to high temperatures, fixed without the use of seams or screws, which facilitates replacement when necessary;
• Reinforced aluminum handle, easy to open and close, with two steps;
• Support for 580x680mm pillowcases, easily removable, only built-in, to facilitate cleaning and, in addition, it has a safety bar to prevent the pillows from falling;
• Door opening in two stages, with safety system on the lower hinge;
• Sensors that turn off the turbine when the door is opened;
• You have an audible and visual alarm, and you can decide, in addition to the beep of the controller, the lamp will also sound, warning of the end of the cooking process;
• Indirect heating system, with a burner located in the lower part of the oven, which heats the floor and the sides, radiating heat to the chamber;
• Control panel, made up of a multifunctional controller, a general on/off button, a turbine on/off button, both with internal lighting, which stays on while activated.

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