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j5create USB-C® to Dual HDMI™ Multi-Monitor Adapter

The JCA365 USB-C® to Dual HDMI™ Multi-Monitor Adapter acts as an external video card for your MacBook® or Windows® laptops. It allows you to add two additional displays through your USB-C® port, boosting your productivity by giving you more screen space to work from. One of the HDMI™ ports can output resolutions up to 4K, while the other can output resolutions up to 2048 x 1152.

Simply install the driver for the USB-C® to Dual HDMI™ Multi-Monitor Adapter by plugging-in the adapter and then connect your monitors using HDMI™ cables for a dual-display workstation!


  • Easily add two HDMI™ video outputs though a single USB-C® port
  • Compatible with USB-C® enabled macOS® & Windows® laptops
  • Compact and lightweight design for maximum portability
  • 4 display modes: Mirror, Extended, Primary, or Rotation*
    *Rotation mode only available on Windows® computers
  • Supports resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 @ 30 Hz & 2048 x 1152 @ 60 Hz
  • Hot swappable USB™ enables you to add or remove monitors without rebooting your system
  • USB™ 3.1 provides up to 5 Gbps transfer rate which is 10x faster than USB™ 2.0
  • 2-channel audio support
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