POWER XL Round Belgian Style Waffle Maker 700 W HRW6107-LA

POWER XL Round Belgian Style Waffle Maker 4 Sections 700 W Non-Stick Black

  • PowerXL Waffle Maker
  • They are 5 inches in diameter
  • 700 watt power
  • Non-stick coating (avoid contact with metal utensils)
  • Red (power on) / green (ready) indicator lights
  • Clean this device with a damp cloth or cloth.
  • Be careful to overfill to avoid leaks during cooking / Do not open during cooking
  • It is normal for steam to escape and condensation to accumulate on the sides of the appliance during operation.
  • If using canned fruits that are in syrup or vegetables that are in liquid (not pie filling), drain as much of the liquid as possible before using as a filling.
  • This appliance can be placed in a vertical position whenever there is no cooking. Only to store inside the kitchen
  • Do not immerse in dishwasher
  • Ideal for making the best waffles filled with any fruit, chicken, meat, eggs and others.

Main Characteristics

Enjoying exquisite waffles along with their filling is possible thanks to this Power XL brand waffle maker that maintains an excellent plating and unmatched flavor. Try and see.
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