Oster PrimaLatte II Coffee Maker BVSTEM6701SS/BVSTEM6701R

The intense and authentic coffee experience offered by the Oster® PrimaLatte® coffee maker is now further maximized in its second generation BVSTEM6601 with superior performance and professional quality. Prepare at home combinations of coffee and milk capable of competing with the recipes of the best baristas.

With the push of a button you get an espresso, a cappuccino or a latte… three styles of coffee for every taste or personality. The new Oster® PrimaLatte® BVSTEM6701 espresso machine allows you to prepare at home combinations of coffee and milk capable of competing with the recipes of the best baristas.

  • Introducing the new generation of the Oster® PrimaLatte ™ line of espresso machines, for a more intense coffee experience
  • Professional quality Italian pump with 19 bars for a more optimal flavor in the extraction of coffee and cream
  • Advanced thermal system with three sensors that maintains a uniform temperature throughout the coffee brewing process
  • Stronger portafilter allows a stable flow to be maintained with the brewing process for a high quality, uniform and authentic flavor espresso
  • Foam intensity knob that allows you to adjust the frothed milk according to preference
  • Each filter has a removable bottom cap that allows for faster and easier cleaning
  • The new hi-grade boiler has a quiet operation
  • Larger tray, with room to prepare two cups of espresso at the same time
  • Milk tank with 25% more capacity to prepare up to 10 cups of cappuccino at a time (compared to BSTEM6601 models)
  • Provides 2x more cream (compared to BVSTEM6601) for a gourmet experience in your own home
    30% more consistent temperature compared to BVSTEM6601 models, to always ensure a perfect cup of coffee
    It is recommended to use treated water in coffee machines, to avoid the development of scale
  • Make sure to wait until the optimal heating indicator lights are solid and not flashing before proceeding to brew your coffee.
  • Compatible with Nespresso® * capsules, which provides more versatility (* Nespresso® is a registered trademark of Societé des Produits Nestlé SA Clarification: Products bearing this mark have no relationship with Sunbeam
  • Products, Inc. Nespresso® has not endorsed this Oster® brand machine, or its accessories, for use with its coffee capsules. The brand owner of the capsules has not endorsed this Oster® brand machine or its accessories for use with its coffee capsules .)
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Silver: BVSTEM6701SS
Red: BVSTEM6701R

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